Saturday, July 27, 2013

First Day of School

It says Welcome Northern Arizona University Students!!

School started at 9 in the morning. We talked, took pictures and made sure we stayed clear of the wild drivers on our 15-20 minute walk to Fidelitas Universidad. Many of the drivers honked at us as they drove by. Upon arriving to the campus, we realized how easy it was to tell that we were foreigners. While we were dressed comfortably in tank tops and shorts, the native students were in jeans, heels, and nice shirts as if they were going to the club. We don’t know about everybody else but we felt waayyyyy out of place.

When we got into the classroom, Javier gave us a quick rundown of the Costa Rican culture. He informed us that the drivers don’t care about you. “Don’t carelessly walk into the middle of the street because they will hit you.” He also told us that there’s a lot of criminal activity at night which explains why people have gated houses. Because of the crime rates, he also told us not to act too foreign taking pictures because people will know that you are a tourist and it makes you vulnerable to getting robbed.The teachers continued by telling us to go to a dance class later that day as a cultural event. We learned the Salsa, Cha Cha, and the Merengue. I’m not gone lie, I was getting it

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