Thursday, September 19, 2013

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Our first weekend in Costa Rica was visiting the City Manuel Antonio.On our way there we stopped to see crocodiles. There were thousands of them, okay maybe not thousands but there were a lot and booooooy were they ugly. LOL!! When we arrived at the hotel, we realized that we were in the middle of the rain forest. And the view from the rooms were amazing. We fell in love with our rooms but quickly had to leave for dinner and to see the beach. After spending time at the beach and eating more delicious food we went back to our hotel for a rude awaking. Our rooms were infested with ants and we noticed all kinds of different bugs. At this point we were missing are home in San Jose.The whole weekend there, many of us did not sleep at all. At one point we saw a cockroach that was as fast as a cheetah and I swear it had wings.

Also, while we were there we visited the National Park. It was so gorgeous. After a 10-20 minute hike through the National Park, we came across two different beaches. While hiking there, we got to see sloths, monkeys, crabs and raccoons. The experience here compared to San Jose was completely different. It was more of a relaxed environment and a tourist city.
Some Crocodiles

View from our room

Second day at the beach

National Park Map

Beach in the National Park

Restaurant made out of a train

Plane Restaurant

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